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B E C O M E   A N   O F F I C E R

APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN! Click here to open the app. The process is an application, an interview, and results will be sent out by e-mail. To see who is currently holding each position this year, visit the "Officers" page

Each position includes but is not limited to the following responsibilities. 

  • Submits National HQ Forms: UCAR, Financial Forms, Officer Slate, Operations Plan

  • Completes Recognition Cycle for Student Activities every year

  • Liaison to the ISEN department, Regional and National Chapter Communications, Houston Professional Chapter

  • Update Advisor and Department Head of IISE’s objectives and events

  • Present once a semester to the Advisory Board Council

  • Lead new officer elections

  • Send out sophomore welcome email each semester

  • Acquire IISE promotional material from National HQ

  • Oversee chapter operations are performing to the Gold Award standard on UCAR

  • Prepare slides for general meetings

  • Serve as lead for organizing the Career Fair

  • Schedule speakers from companies for speaker meetings

  • Oversee company relations

  • Send out sponsorship letters to companies

  • Hold transition membership meeting, ensure transition worksheet on UCAR is completed

  • Oversee the Career Fair Committee

  • Serve as lead for organizing the Six Sigma or Lean Green Belt Certification Course, draft email to be sent to all engineering disciplines and pertinent departments

  • Bring food and member resources to meetings

  • Organize alternate meetings involving company workshops 

  • Attend SEC society meetings on behalf of IISE, participate in National Engineers Week

  • Host career/grad school workshop

  • Facilitate Kick-Off meeting, membership drive

  • Oversee operations of merchandise coordinator, internal development coordinator, and outreach awareness 

  • Send out emails and update the website regarding upcoming events

  • Create Google documents and forms when necessary

  • Verify meeting sign in forms are filled out

  • Oversee social media accounts (Facebook/Instagram/etc.)

  • Maintain listserv 

  • Oversee the use of organization funds

  • Manage and keep records of all transactions

  • Review and deliver forms to the SOFC

  • Maintain budget

  • Bi-annually appeal for funds for our organization from SEC

  • Oversee MarketPlace account

  • Organize Google Drive and keep all records up to date

  • Organize and plan all general meetings

  • Keep track of member points

  • Keep track of meeting slides 

  • Make room reservations for meetings and events when necessary

  • Keep meeting logs and send to all officers and advisor

  • Create a calendar of events (work with event coordinator)

  • Standardize organization procedures and officer positions (Transition Binders) 

  • Ensure smooth officer transitions; coordinate outgoing and incoming officer meeting

  • Organize IISE Regional and National Trips

  • Coordinate IISE technical paper competitions for Regional Conference

  • Oversee coordination of getting members to the Regional and National Conference

  • Appeal for funds from the department to fund the trips

  • Oversee the Conference Committee

  • Organize Plant tour

  • Plan 1 volunteering event per semester

  • Oversee Events such as DI Saturday

  • Organize socials to allow members to meet other members

  • Coordinate MSC Open House and Engineering Open House

  • Oversee the Internal Development Committee

  • Help facilitate faculty picnic with a social event

  • Ordering equipment for officers

  • Create new merchandise items

  • Organizing sales of t-shirts, polos, and fleeces for members to purchase through MarketPlace

  • Ordering other paraphernalia for events such as awards and gifts

  • Oversee the Merchandise Committee

  • Organize 2 merchandise sales events/semester

  • Design and print information posters 

  • Lead mentorship program 

  • Oversee Outreach Committee

  • Be active on ISEN GroupMe for advertising 

  • Lead Freshman Outreach Program

  • Run advertisements in ETB and Zach

  • Member Spotlights

  • Take photos at club events

Vice President External 

Vice President Internal 

Vice President Virtual 




Events Coordinator

Internal Development Coordinator




Outreach & Awareness 

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