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What Is Industrial and Systems Engineering?

Industrial Engineering is an engineering profession that is concerned with the optimization of complex processes, systems, or organizations by developing, improving, implementing integrated systems of people, money, knowledge, information, and equipment.


Industrial Engineering has applications in manufacturing and production systems, logistics and supply chain management, operations research, data science, applied probability and statistics, systems engineering, quality and reliability, and system simulation especially important in the current environment of international trade and global competition.

Industrial Engineering considers the big picture. Industrial Engineering is the only branch of engineering that considers and improves how people interact with the system.

About IISE

IISE Mission

To provide knowledge, training, networking opportunities, and recognition to enhance the skills and effectiveness of the industrial and systems engineering profession and those individuals involved with improving quality and productivity.

IISE Vision

To be the premier organization that advances, promotes, and unites the industrial and systems engineering profession worldwide.

IISE Pillars

Student to Student | Student to Faculty | Student to Professional


About Our Chapter

TAMU IISE is the largest chapter in the nation with over 400 student members! 

There are multiple social events throughout the semester, such as ice skating, Grand Station, game nights, and more! Students can join committees to become more involved in TAMU IISE and be part of smaller, more connected groups of Industrial Engineers.

We have a multitude of opportunities for students to connect and grow professionally. The Fall 2023 career fair will be TAMU's second largest engineering, student-run career fair, with companies attending exclusively to hire Industrial and Systems engineers. Our mentorship program allows students to connect with an upperclassman, professor, or industry professional as a mentor. Finally, there are many opportunities for students to connect with companies throughout the semester through coffee & donuts or speaker nights.

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